Daily Blooms is all about finding the beauty in the daily.

Piping hot buttered toast on a cold morning. A glimpse of the candy pink sunrise on your ride to work. A deep and cheeky laugh, an unexpected winning outfit combo, a compliment from a stranger… and a surprise bunch of bright, fragrant flowers at your doorstep.

Growing from a bud of a business in 2014 to now a blossoming team of flower enthusiasts, we’re the original experts in letting every day bloom with fresh, premium-sourced and beautifully curated bouquets that change daily. Your local online florist that makes the experience easy, accessible and delightful.

They asked me to create a visual moodboard for aphotoshoot to promote our Mother’sDay Campaign, come up with a concept & designan EDM (Email Direct Marketing)campaign and design the assets for an Instagram Giveaway in Tile & Story format.

The winner will take home a Daily Blooms Bouquet of their choice forthem and the friend they tag in the post.





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